Micro Brushless Gimbal V3.0: A tiny 3-axis 32-bit Gimbal

Having rested on my work bench for half a year now, I took the parts and pieces and finally assembled my micro brushless gimbal V3.0 for keychain cameras. Surprisingly enough, it works. And quite well, indeed!

micro brushless gimbal v30 olliw
(Picture of the 3-axis micro brushless gimbal V3.0, with integrated 32-bit controller)

The V3.0 is the result of a systematic refinement of my previous micro gimbal efforts, see Micro Brushless Gimbal and 3-Axis Micro Brushless Gimbal with o323BGC. The motors are again rewound PS2 Slim disc drive motors, they just stood the test of time for this application. The controller is a specifically designed variant of the STorM32 BGC 3-Axis STM32 Brushless Gimbal Controller. The chief feature of the construction is, however, that the electronics is integrated into the mechanical structure. The gimbal support arms, for instance, also carry the drivers for the pitch and roll motors. The controller board hosts the yaw motor and functions as gimbal support frame with vibration damping.

The total weight of the gimbal as seen in the above picture, including gimbal + controller + camera + cables + support frame + landing gear, is 102.3 grams. The gimbal itself inclusive controller weights less than 70 grams. Improvements may still be possible, but that’s certainly a margin, which is not easy to beat. ­čÖé

In the following some pictures showing some further details of the construction are presented.

microgimbal v30 pcb arms olliw microgimbal v30 pcb controller olliw microgimbal v30 parts olliw microgimbal v30 view electronics olliw
microgimbal v30 weight olliw

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