3-Axis Mikro Brushless Gimbal mit o323BGC

wird noch aufgebaut 🙂

In my ongoing work on micro brushless gimbals here my latest advancement: the first fully functional 3-axis micro gimbal.

The mechanics build on what I used before for the 2-axis micro gimbal, with some improvements on the motor and camera holders, and further improvements are in the making. The electronics is now based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor, the STM32F103. The firmware is self-written, I called it o323BGC.

So far it’s obviously a demonstration… for a real flight I have to shrink down the electronics. (you may know that lately hongkong post makes big troubles… everything seems to got stuck for indefenite… and so are my print boards :-()

And it’s obvioulsy good to have kids playing fischer technik 🙂

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