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Matek H743 Wing Flight Controller with CAN Bus and ArduPilot

Recently I bought me a Matek H743 Wing flight controller, in order to replace my beloved, trusted, but now somewhat … Weiterlesen

The ALL-UC4H Copter

The UAVCAN for Hobbyists or UC4H project has reached a milestone: It allows us now to build an ArduPilot-based multicopter/drone, … Weiterlesen

Drone CAN Bus Power Schemes

Work in progress! In this article I will evaluate the power supply for drones using a CAN bus as communication … Weiterlesen

UAVCAN for Hobbyists Blog

This blog reports on the progress of the UAVCAN for Hobbyists (UC4H) project. UC4H Display: User Configurability 10. Apr. 2019 … Weiterlesen

UC4H Airspeed Node

The UC4H Airspeed node is a member of the family of UAVCAN nodes I’m working on as part of my … Weiterlesen

UC4H: UAVCAN for Hobbyists

About the concept and the universal nodes invented by UC4H: „Having a CAN bus with daisy chained universal nodes … … Weiterlesen