Updating the Firmware of NT Modules

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All NT Modules can be updated with a new firmware using the procedure below.

Comment: Updating implies that the module has a NT firmware running. If the module has never been flashed with a NT firmware before, or runs a different firmware, you must first do a "First Time Flashing". Please consult the respective wiki pages.

Updating Procedure

1. You need a USB-TTL adapter with a FTDI chip set, CH340 chip set, or properly configured CP2102 (not PL2303). Ensure that it is working (drivers installed, etc.).

Comment: To avoid confusion on which USB TTL adapter to use, please read FAQ: Which USB-TTL should I use?.

2. Connect the USB-TTL adapter to the NT bus connector.

GND -> connect it to GND of the USB-TTL adapter
Tx -> connect it to Rx of the USB-TTL adapter
Rx -> connect it to Tx of the USB-TTL adapter
VCC -> connect it to power from the USB-TTL adapter

The connections between USB-TTL adapter and NT module are shown in the scheme below.

Comment: For the CC3D Atom this power scheme often doesn't work. Please use an external power supply, or power it via its USB connector.


3. Connect the USB-TTL adapter to the computer and open the GUI.

4. Go to the [Flash Firmware] tab as seen below. Choose the firmware in the [STorM32-BGC board] combo box field, or via the [Selected Firmware Hex File] text field. Select "System Bootloader @ UART1" in the [STM32 Programmer] field, and the [Com Port] associated with your USB-TTL adapter. Ensure that the "Use NT boot mode" check box is checked.


5. Hit the [Flash Firmware] button. A DOS box will open, and the firmware will be flashed.

GUI Flash 2.jpg