How to configure CP2102 USB adapters for high baud rates

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USB adapters with CP210x chip sets allow by default only for 32 standard UART baud rates. This is perfectly fine for most applications, but not for using the CP210x USB adapters in connection with the STorM32 NT bus. To that end, the CP210x chip needs to be reconfigured, to enable high baudrates such as 2000000 bps. The procedure is described in the following.

Configuration Procedure

1. Run CP21xxCustomizationUtility from AN721SW

CP21xxCustomizationUtility 0.png

2. Select your device from list if it is not selected

CP21xxCustomizationUtility 1.png

3. Expand Baud Rate Alias

CP21xxCustomizationUtility 2.png

4. Set both upper ranges (1474561-2457600 and 2457601-xxxxxxxxx) to 2000000 and click "Program Device"

CP21xxCustomizationUtility 3.png

5. You should see columns turned green upon completion

CP21xxCustomizationUtility 4.png