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There are 2 types of IMU modules which the STorM32 v1.3x controllers can use, NT IMUs and I2C IMUs, and there are 2 firmwares which correspond to each type. It is important to choose the correct firmware, otherwise your controller and gimbal will not work. Read this page to understand the difference between the two types of IMUs [[1]], and this post to identify your IMU [[2]].

The STorM32 v3.x controllers can only use NT IMUs, not I2C IMUs.

Since firmware version v0.96, the I2C IMU and NT IMU firmware branches have been split, see [[3]]. Firmwares with version numbers v2.xx refer to the NT branch, not usable for setups with I2C IMU. If you do not know what a NT IMU is, then you likely have a I2C IMU and need firmware v0.96.

v2.xx Firmware for NT IMUs

Firmware for STorM32 setups using a NT camera IMU.

Direct link to v2.53 firmware download:

o323bgc-release-v253-v20200517 [.zip] (11.6MB)
Release Notes

Latest beta release v2.62i:

o323bgc-release-v262i-v20221102 [.zip] (14.4MB)
Release Notes

NTLoggerTool release v0.48:

ntloggertool-release-v048-v20210908 [.zip] (230MB)

BetaCopter/BetaPlane 4.2:

For downloading the firmwares and all further info please visit the article Using STorM32 with BetaPilot.

v0.96 Firmware for I2C IMUs

Firmware for STorM32 setups using I2C IMUs, for gimbals such as the HakRC and all gimbals not using a NT IMU.

Latest firmware v0.96 for I2C IMUs:

o323bgc-release-v096-v20160319 [.zip] (9.4MB)

Comment: This release also includes firmwares for NT IMUs, identifiable by a label "nt" in the file names. Don't use them, use the v0.96 firmware (without a "nt" in the file name).


The various files related to the STorM32-BGC project can be downloaded from several places:

For other firmware versions see the 1st page of the rcgroups thread: