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Welcome to the STorM32 NT brushless gimbal controller documentation.

T-STorM32, encoders for the STorM32 ... see here

You are new to the STorM32 NT brushless gimbal controller? Then this is the page to go to first: Getting Started.

You want to get one? Then inspect these pages: Where to buy STorM32 boards and Where to get NT Modules.

You need documentation? Then check out this here: Manuals and Tutorials.

You look for documentation for the older I2C-based STorM32 (firmwares up to v0.96)? Then go here: STorM32 v0.xx Wiki.

The STorM32-BGC is an on-going hobbyist's project and not a commercial product, please understand that. The wiki here is maintained by the STorM32 community in their spare time; you cannot expect it to be error-free, no guarantee is given, and nobody, including the firmware author, can be held responsible for anything.

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How to contribute

You're highly welcome to contribute to the STorM32-BGC documentation. That's why it was set up as a separate wiki, to make it simple for you.

In order to contribute, you only need to register, which gives you full editing capabilities. It's as simple as that. :)

Don't be afraid to contribute! Users will see and check your changes.

A personal note by the firmware author: I'm doing the STorM32 project as my hobby, in my spare time, without financial benefits. It should be clear that it is free only because I do this in my spare time, and it should also be clear that I can't and won't and don't do everything. Documentation is in my opinion the user's duty. So, the wiki here will be only as useful as you, the users, make it useful. :)

How to use the wiki

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