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There are 2 types of IMU modules which the STorM32 v1.x controllers can use, NT IMUs and I2C IMUs, and there are 2 firmwares which correspond to each type. It is important to choose the correct firmware, otherwise your controller and gimbal will not work. Read this page to understand the difference [[1]], and this post to identify your IMU [[2]].

Since firmware version v0.96, the I2C IMU and NT IMU firmware branches have been split, see [[3]]. Firmwares with version numbers v2.xx refer to the NT branch, not usable for setups with I2C camera IMU. If you don't know what a NT IMU is, then you likely have a I2C IMU and need firmware v0.96.

v2.xx Firmware for NT IMUs

Firmware for STorM32 setups using a NT camera IMU.

Direct link to v2.30 firmware download:

o323bgc-release-v230-v20170803 [.zip] (10.3MB)
Release Notes

Latest beta release v2.33e:

o323bgc-release-v233e-v20171119 [.zip] (10.6MB)
Release Notes

STorM32 App alpha version v004:

STorM32App_v004 [.zip] (26.7MB)

NTLoggerTool release v0.39:

NTLoggerTool-v0.39.msi [.msi] (156MB)
ntloggertool-release-v039-v20170318 [.zip] (156MB)

BetaCopter36-dev v0.05:

available from the github repository

Blackbox Explorer for STorM32 release v1.6.102: (maintenance discontinued, may work however)

blackboxexplorer-for-storm32-release-v0161_02-v20160319 [.zip] (0.6MB)

v0.96 Firmware for I2C IMUs

Firmware for STorM32 setups using I2C IMUs, for gimbals such as the HakRC and all gimbals not using a NT IMU.

Latest firmware v0.96 for I2C IMUs:

o323bgc-release-v096-v20160319 [.zip] (9.4MB)

Comment: This release also includes firmwares for NT IMUs, identifiable by a label "nt" in the file names. Don't use them, use the v0.96 firmware (without a "nt").


The various files related to the STorM32-BGC project can be downloaded from several places:

For other firmware versions see the 1st page of the rcgroups thread: