Overview of NT Modules

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This page presents some NT modules, or hardware which may be used as NT modules. The overview is not complete.

OlliW's v2.x NT Modules


OlliW's v1.x NT Modules


CC3D Atom NT IMU Module

The Openpilot CC3D Atom and clones such as the Mini CC3D can be used as NT IMU modules.


GekoCH & OlliW's Marcia Motor Module

Nt motor 01-wiki.jpg Marcia 005.JPG

Ensys NT IMU Module

These NT IMU modules are a bit different than the others in that they are based on a LPC1111 micro controller and use a MPU6050. They thus need to be loaded with their "own" firmware using their "own" flashing tools. For further information and the vendor's page please see Ensys NT Modules.


midimon's NT IMU Module

These NT IMU modules are similar to OlliW's Mini NT IMU module with MPU9250, but modified in several ways, which may better fit user needs.

The EAGLE source files have been released: