How to use 2 axis gimbals

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Since firmware version v2.43 two-axis gimbals are officially supported by the STorM32 controller.

Please go to How to use 2 axis and 1 axis gimbals.

The following comments by users refer to the days when the STorM32 didn't officially support 1/2-axis gimbals. They might be of interest nevertheless.

Pitch-Roll Gimbals

Please share your knowledge!

Different people might have different settings which work for them. In order to explore the various solutions, I (OlliW) suggest that each of you add your solution in a separate chapter. Your addition should start with === This is My Name === as first line. THX.

Jakob Schmidt/Implicit

2 axis roll/pitch gimbal, fixed wing.

The only difference is that I disable the yaw motor and also uncheck the yaw motor option in the gimbal configuration tool. Specs/pics/settings to come.

Jon Buckles

2 axis gopro hero 3 "goodluckbuy" gimbal which included the v1.3 STorM32 BGC with v.64e firmware. Mounted to Tarot 650 Sport

Disable yaw motor, write and save to board. config IMU (1 point). unchecked yaw motor option in config tool and complete setup like normal. Had to play with the "x" and "z" axis settings with this gimbal probably due to how it was mounted. Pretty simple

Gunder A. Johansen

2 axis roll/pitch home made plywood gimbal for V3 Tricopter and GoPro Hero4 Black. Storm32 BGC 32Bit 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller V1.31 DRV8313 Motor Driver from AliExpress/GoodLuckBuy flashed with V.0.70 from the shop and Turnigy 2206-140Kv Brushless Gimbal Motor (11.25 Ohm) . Disabled yaw motor before entering Gimbal Configuration Tool (GCT), skipped yaw motor orientation in GCT. After running setup in GCT, yaw motor was enabled again, so I had to disable it again before I did a new Write+Store. Total weight of gimbal without camera 140g.

Pan-Tilt Gimbals


Rcgroups user vonkross applied the STorM32 controller for a pan&tilt camera application. Inspect these posts (please scan also for follow-up posts):

What I did to go through the Configure Gimbal Tool procedure was temporarily mount a roll motor over the pan/pitch frame with the IMU1 on it. After completing the procedure disassemble/disconnect the roll motor (with power off) and replace the IMU1 sensor on the pitch frame in the same orientation. Then disable roll motor and adjust PID and any parameters involved.