How to flash firmware

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This page is for instructions on how to flash firmware onto v3.x STorM32 boards.

For instructions on how to flash v1.1/v1.2/v1.3/v1.3x STorM32 boards, please consult How to flash v1.x STorM32 boards.

Updating Firmware

If your v3.x STorM32 board runs already a firmware, then this is the canonical procedure for upgrading:

First-Time Flashing

If your v3.x STorM32 board has not yet been flashed with a firmware, or runs a wrong firmware, then one needs to resort to grass roots flashing methods for flashing the firmware (first-time flashing). For details see here:

General Comments on the First-Time Flashing Process

In general the firmware can be flashed in two different ways into the STM32 micro-controllers used in the STorM32 board:

  1. via the serial (system) bootloader using the USB port
  2. via SWD using a ST-Link programmer

Method (1) is most convenient in the sense that no additional hardware is needed. However, the grain of salt, the BOOT0 pin needs to be temporarily shortened to GND for method (1) to work, e.g., by closing the solder pad.

Method (2) requires a dedicated ST-Link programmer as additional hardware. It is cheaply available, but nevertheless it is an additional piece of hardware.