Using STorM32 with DJI

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The STorM32 gimbal controller can communicate with a DJI flight controller via the CAN bus, which allows for a richer set of features such as advanced control functions or the STorM32-Link.

Currently only the DJI Naza M2 is supported.

STorM32 - DJI Support

The STorM32 simply needs to be connected to the CAN bus of the DJI flight control system. No further adjustments are needed on the DJI flight controller side, but some parameters in the STorM32 need to be set appropriately.

In order to enable the communication with the DJI CAN bus, set:

  • Can Configuration = “dji naza”

Some features need further parameter adjustments, as described in the following.


Requires this additional setting:

Parameter in STorM32:

  • STorM32Link Configuration = “v1”

With the DJI CAN bus, the STorM32-Link provides these features:

  • Yaw drift compensation. This feature suppresses any yaw drift of the camera IMU. This allows putting the yaw axis into “hold” mode for extended periods of time, and yet the camera will not drift away (the accuracy and stability depends on the accuracy and stability of the flight controller's yaw angle).
  • Horizon drift compensation. This feature helps to maintain a leveled horizon even in high-g maneuvers, where the horizon normally would tilt.

This demo video shows the effectiveness of the horizon drift compensation:

Control of STorM32 Functions by Radio Transmitter

Requires this additional setting:

  • Virtual Channel Configuration = “serial”

This feature has the same effect as if the receiver would be directly connected to the STorM32 controller at its inputs, except that such a physical connection is not required since the information is read off from the DJI CAN bus.

Testing the Connection

The CAN bus connection can be tested in several ways. The following tests do not require that the copter is completely built, and do not require that the copter is armed.

  • STorM32-Link field in the STorM32 GUI: The [GUI:Dashboard] and [GUI:Data Display] each have a field which is related to the STorM32-Link. They should display OK, PRESENT or a similar positive message.
  • Gimbal RC Targeting: The camera can be moved with the transmitter sticks.
  • Sniffing the communication: One of course can sniff directly what is going on on the CAN data lines. You when need a SLCAN adapter, e.g., the UC4H SLCAN adapter.