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Oh fu**. Then change the UI back to what it was.

Just kiddin'. I'll update the screenshots and text once it is out.

Was about 6 hours of work, not including the break.

O: ja, tut mir leid ... aber ich denke dass das neue Tool gut ankommt ... hoffe ich zumindest ich frage mich auch ob es nicht vielleicht "besser" wäre ein Video zum Gimbal Tool zu machen ... das 6-punkt video macht ja schon vieles schnell klar was vermutliche vieler Worte und Bilder bedurft hätte

STorM 32-BGC as a hand held brushless gimbal


I am new to gimbals and online wiki's etc. so I am not sure where to ask questions or for advice. I figured since this page is under the discussion tab that this would be a good place to start. Here goes nothing, I have been building a hand held brushless gimbal as an action research project for my Btech degree. I based the frame design on the Letus Helix jr. because I thought it is the most compact and practical design. After facing many problems and overcoming them through trial and error I eventually ended up with a functional hand held gimbal. The only thing that I am not able to do is hold the gimbal as if it is a suitcase (as seen in this video made by No Film School The closest I have come to making the gimbal work in this position is by switching off the onboard (second) IMU, which I have mounted to the handle. Therefore I believe that the gimbal does not work when you hold the gimbal in this position because you are basically swopping the roles of the yaw and pitch motors (the yaw becomes the pitch motor and vice versa) and so the gimbal freaks out because it is not able to comprehend what is happening.

I would like to know if this is true? Has the board not been programmed to enable it to switch the two motors (since a quadcopter hardly ever banks at 90 degrees)? Or do I have to update the firmware (I have firmware version 80)? Or have I just made a rookie mistake by overlooking a setting of some sort that would allow the gimbal to function in this position?


I want to thank Olliw and everyone else who have developed this control board and wiki into what it is today. It is a job done excellently!


first, in principle this discussion page is an appropriate place for discussions, only that essentially no one is using it and is hence very little frequented - as you may see form the number of discussions here ;). From that point of view, the rcgroups thread is a much (much, much) better place. Maybe you want to move with your question (and follow up discussion) over there. second, the controller can handle a swap of the yaw and pitch motors, in the "standard" yaw-roll-pitch configuration, but the gimbal in the video doesn't have that configuration, and the code isn't made for that.


Hi Olliw,

Thank you for your follow up. I am glad I came to the right place :). I will have a look and see if I can join the rcgroups thread as well though. Ok I understand, when a gimbal with the standard configuration (yaw-roll-pitch) is held in that position the yaw and roll motors swop roles but when a gimbal with a pitch-yaw-roll configuration (like the one I have chosen to build) is held in that position the yaw and pitch motor swop roles. Hmmm that is a pity, maybe writing the code for that could be the next challenge ;).