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The various files related to the STorM32-BGC project can be downloaded from several places:

  • Project web page: As regards firmware this is maybe the best place to go since it will generally be the first place which is getting updated.
  • Github repository: Many files are also hosted here. It may be a bit less up to date, but since it's a public server it's most "stable" in the sense that whatever has been made available here will be available "forever".

Direct link to v0.96 firmware download:

o323bgc-release-v096-v20160319 [.zip] (9.4MB)

NTLoggerTool release v0.23:

ntloggertool-release-v023-v20160319 [.zip] (154MB)

Blackbox Explorer for STorM32 release v1.6.102:

blackboxexplorer-for-storm32-release-v0161_02-v20160319 [.zip] (0.6MB)

For other firmware versions see the 1st page of the rcgroups thread: