Which MPU modules do work with the board

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The STorM32-BGC works internally with a voltage of 3.3 V. Accordingly, it also provides (only) 3.3 V at its ports, which includes the I2C or I2C#2 ports to which external MPU modules and breakout boards are connected.

Most of the cheap MPU modules/breakout boards are however "Arduino compatible", which means that they have a 5 V pin and can be supplied with voltages of 5 V and higher, thanks to an on-board voltage regulator. The question arises if these MPU modules do also work with the 3.3 V provided by the STorM32-BGC. The answer is:

According to current experience any MPU module works fine with the STorM32-BGC board.

Specifically this inlcudes the GY-521 module. However, also the xoodee module and even the GY-86 10DOF module have been in use.

For more details see the rcgroups posts #55, #59.

If you have any further or other information please feel free to update this page.