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Page does need maintenance.

General Comments

  • The AUX, BUT, and POT ports and teh Standby function are only active if the [Gimbal Configuration] parameter is set to "hand held".
  • Any parameter with a "(na)" in its name is not active, i.e., doesn't do anything.
  • With the [Write] button, the GUI parameter values are copied to the board, and become effective immediately. They are however not stored permanently in the Eeprom, i.e., changes will be lost after a power down. To store changes permanently do a [Write+Store], e.g. by clicking the check box next to the [Write] button.


Standby---But press (Hold button and standby is on. Release the button and standby is off)

Standby---But push (Press button and standby is on. Press the button again and standby is off)

RC Inputs tab - RC Mode Definitions

Relative = stays where you placed it via joystick

Absolute = follows the stick position, returns to level when joystick released

speed = limits maximal speed of tilts

accel = slows it down like panning (off = fast 0 - 100 slower = on)

max = the greater the number the more down it will tilt forward

min = the lesser the number the more up it will tilt back

To reverse the direction swap the min and max values, i.e. instead of e.g. min = -90 and max = +25 insert min = +25 and max = -90.

The "Get Current Motor Directions" Menu Option

In the tools menu, find the option "Get Current Motor Directions". Once your gimbal has reached the state "Normal" you may activate it. It will copy the detected motor directions into the respective parameter fields.

Thus, if you do this and a Write+Store the controller will henceforth directly use these motor directions and skip the auto motor detection at start-up... this saves you some 7 seconds.

The "Get Current Motor Positions" Menu Option

In the tools menu, find the option "Get Current Motor Positions". Once your gimbal has reached the state "Normal" you may activate it. It will copy the current motor positions into the motor start-up parameter fields.

The motor start-up values determine the position of the motor directly after the controller has been switched on. In general these positions however do not coincide with the camera being leveled, i.e. the camera will "jump" out of level upon powering up the controller. This can be rectified by a "Get Current Motor Positions" and a Write+Store; the gimbal will henceforth move the motors to a nearly level position quite as the first step in the start-up procedure.

This makes the start-up also somewhat faster since the leveling goes faster.

A difference has to be noted however for the yaw axis, for the obvious reason that there is nothing such as "leveled" for the yaw axis and it is therefore not moved as part as of the initialization procedure. In general the default yaw motor position won't coincide with the desired "forward" orientation, and the camera would be out of axis. This can be rectified as follows:

Switch to hold mode for the yaw axis, and turn the gimbal such that the camera points forward. No do a "Get Current Motor Positions" and a Write+Store, and the current orientation will be used as start-up henceforth.