How to use 2 axis and 1 axis gimbals

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The information on this page refers to firmware v2.43e and higher.

Since firmware version v2.43 two- and one-axis gimbals are officially supported by the STorM32 controller, for both conventional and T-STorM32 (encodered) setups.

Since firmware version v2.63 the [GUI:Configure Gimbal Tool] supports the configuration of some two- and one-axis gimbals.


General setup:

  • The unused motor axes must be disabled, i.e., the corresponding Pitch Motor Usage, Roll Motor Usage or Yaw Motor Usage parameter in the [GUI:Setup] tab must be set to “disabled”. These, and only these settings are used by the STorM32 controller to determine which type of gimbal is used.

For some 2-axis gimbal configurations, a 2nd IMU is supported, and then in fact has advantages. The 2-axis pitch-roll configuration has full 2nd Imu support.

For 1-axis gimbal configurations, a 2nd IMU is not supported.