Ensys NT Modules

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Please feel free to collect here all info on Ensys' NT modules you find relevant.

These NT IMU modules are a bit different than the others in that they are based on a LPC1111 micro controller and use a MPU6050. They thus need to be loaded with their "own" firmware using their "own" flashing tools.

The firmware and instructions for flashing are provided by the vendor.

Here is the link to the product page http://www.ensys.lt/.


  • size: see picture
  • IMU used: MPU6050
  • controller: LPC1111
  • pin headers: 0.1 inch (2.54 mm)

If for some reason you cannot calibrate this module (blue arrow never appears) get in touch with Ensys to get help on resolving this issue.

Be careful with soldering the V2 imus: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=35226700&postcount=984


TOP IMU actually corresponds to the IMU ID selector, i.e. with TOP IMU connected to GND the NT IMU module is configured as 2nd NT IMU module.

Walmi0-nt-imu-module-s-l1600-02.jpg Walmi0-nt-imu-module-s-l1600-03.jpg