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is there a difference between on steps "how to flash firmware" and "getting started" pages?

is ftdi required for future updates? This is not clear i think.


In principle there is no difference between the two procedures, they are just written by different persons. I'm very thankful that yang/wdaehn spend all the time to write the tutorial pages, they are really a great help. However, I'm not sure it's good to have two texts on flashing, one good would IMHO be better. But now it's as it is, I didn't wanted to erase his great effort.

As regards the ftdi I'm not sure in how far the wiki is unclear. Both pages are IMHO explicit:

Flash page: "You need a standard usb-ttl adapter".

Getting Started page: "Finally, an USB-to-serial adapter with a matching cable is required for flashing the latest firmware."

Please suggest an improvement.


There is a sentence on getting started page as; "This description here assumes that the board comes with a firmware already uploaded (depends on the vendor) and that it should be updated only. Else refer to the How to flash firmware page."

There is an if-else statement and on both case doing same things. This is a bit confusing.

a suggestion :

Before beginning the steps of flashing board, a check step may be helpful. For example after plugging usb to computer if you see USBSER000 on com ports (like step 14) select it, then click read you will see firmware version. If it is latest version no need to flash board.


OK, I see the source of misunderstanding, I've updated the Getting Started page, please check

Remember to select the appropriate .hex file for your board version!

It's not obvious from the "how to flash" section that you should use the corresponding .hex file for your controller board revision. For example, use "o323bgc_v056_storm32bgc_v130_f103rc.hex" for a Rev 1.3 PWA and "o323bgc_v056_storm32bgc_v110_f103rc.hex" for a Rev 1.1 PWA. Using the wrong file version will prevent your PC from detecting the USB connection.


good point, I've improved the language of step 6, maybe you can double check