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This page provides documentation for the STorM32-BGC boards sold by Witespy - Ready To Fly Quads.

Dos and Don'ts

Please read the tutorial's Dos and Don'ts.

The board is shipped without firmware, it hence needs first to be flashed (for instructions see below).

On the v1.1 board, the pins of the connector I2C#2 on the bottom side are in reverse order to those of connector I2C, which implies also reversed polarity. Pay attention to that when connecting a second IMU to the I2C#2 port. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to swap the pins on the connectors of the supplied IMU cables.

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Board Configuration

  • board version: v1.1 or v1.3
  • board color: blue
  • motor drivers: TC4452 in DFN packages
  • on-board MPU: yes
  • on-board bluetooth module: no
  • I2C plug type: picoblade (1.25mm JST)
  • I2C#2 plug type: picoblade (1.25mm JST)
  • pin headers: no

Included accessories:

  • MPU module
  • cable with connectors for MPU module

Points to note:

  • the board comes without firmware
  • pre-installed bluetooth module is available as option


  • supply voltage: 6 - 18 V or 2 - 4S
  • motor current: max. 1.5 A per motor
    Comment: This is not yet fully exploited, motors with resistances of 12 Ohm or larger have been tested to be well handled at 4S (see here, here), motors with 10 Ohm may be handled with care (see here and here).
  • board dimensions: 50 mm x 50 mm, 45 mm bolt to bolt, holes Ø3 mm

The v1.3 Board

Pins and Connectors


Flashing Firmware

Follow the instructions for v1.3 boards in the How to flash firmware manual.


The v1.1 Board

Pins and Connectors


WARNING: On v1.1 boards the pins of connector I2C#2 are in reverse order to those of connector I2C, which implies also reversed voltage polarity. Pay attention to that before connecting a second IMU to the I2C#2 port.

Flashing Firmware

Follow the instructions for v1.1 boards in the How to flash firmware manual.


On-board Bluetooth

The witespy board can be equipped with a HC06 bluetooth module on the bottom side of the board.

For further info on the HC06 bluetooth module, and on its installation and configuration, see Bluetooth Module HC06.

The witespy boards can optionally be purchased with a pre-installed bluetooth module. Please note that this however will be a HC05 module, and not a HC06 module. It comes pre-configfured and works fine, but cannot be configured via the GUI.

Early Bird v1.1 Boards

On v1.1 boards of an early batch, a diode, which is needed for the on-board bluetooth module to work, was not populated. Its location is shown in the photo below. In principle any diode which fits on the pads can be used, but preferably a Shottky diode is choosen. The "original" type is a 1PS76SB40. A possibly simpler solution is to just short circuit the two pads by e.g. soldering a piece of wire across them. However, the communication via the UART port wouldn't work then anymore.

Comment: When you don't need or use the UART port, you can simply jumper across the diode pads permanently with a piece of wire.