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The list of vendors below is collected solely for your convenience! It is NOT an official seller list, nor implies any recommendation. The list may not be complete, the order of vendors is arbitrary, and vendors not mentioned are equally trustworthy.

ENSYS NT Modules

ENSYS provides a selection of proprietary NT modules, including NT IMU modules, NT Motor modules, a wifi NT Logger module, or a NT Led-Battery module. The ENSYS NT modules are mostly based on propietary designs, and use propietary firmwares. For further details, please visit their web page.

link: http://www.ensys.lt/

NT Logger

Comment: The widely available OpenLog data logger and its many derivatives, which have become popular with Beta/Clean/Race/etc-Flight, cannot be used. In fact, to the best of the firmware author's knowledge, none of the available data loggers can be used. So, if you find a logger then assume it doesn't work, unless it is specifically declared as NT logger.

CC3D Atom

The Open Pilot CC3D Atom can be used as NT IMU module, when flashed with the respective NT firmware. With the pin headers stripped off, it is also relatively small.

The Mini CC3D is even smaller, without the need of hardware modifications. Unfortunately it can only be first-time flashed via SWD, and a ST-Link programmer is additionally needed for converting it into a NT IMU module.

Both boards are available cheaply from various Asian sources, and of course also at somewhat higher prices in many "regular" shops.

Some links:

Cables and Connectors

Unfortunately I don't know about a cheap and readily available source of suitable pre-configured cables with plugs. The 1 mm JST-SH connector has however become kind of a standard in the RC world, and used for e.g. flight controllers, gimbal controllers, etc., which gives options.

Some options:

  • Hobbyking: [1]. The pig tail cables are of excellent quality and can be much recommended!