3.3 V Fix Mod for STorM32 v1.31 Boards

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The STorM32 v1.31 boards, which are distinguished by their on-board switching regulator, unfortunately provide a very weak 3.3 V power supply, which makes it problematic to use NT modules. Therefore, usually extra BECs need to be used with these boards.

Rcgroups users ckambiselis and fs008 have suggested relatively simple mods to fix that issue.

fs008 mod

For the original posts see [here] and [here].

It consists of two steps:

(1) Cutting the PCB trace to the 3.3 V pin of port I2C#1.

(2) Soldering a wire from the 5 V output of the on-boards switching regulator to this pin.

Comment: Do not forget to cut the PCB trace leading to the 3.3 V pin on I2C port!

Fs008-mod-20171103 161232.jpg
Fs008-mod-20171103 161312.jpg

ckambiselis mod

For the original post see [here].

It consists of three steps:

(1) Removal (desoldering) of the 3.3 V LDO regulator from board.

(2) Soldering of a stronger 3.3 V LDO regulator to the bottom of the board.

(3) Soldering of two wires to establish the connections.

20170712 224001.jpg
DSC 0405.jpg
DSC 0406.jpg