Dos and Don'ts

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The STorM32 gimbal controller is an electronic device.

This should have said it all, yet some specific don'ts:

  • Do not get any parts of the board into contact with the (plus pole of the) battery, this will immediately destroy the board.
  • The voltage on the POT and BUT pins must not exceed 3.3 V, else the board will be immediately destroyed.
  • The voltage on any of the other pins must not exceed 5 V, else the board will be immediately destroyed.
  • The 3.3 V pins on the board should only be used as supply. Do not apply voltage to a 3.3 V pin. Do not connect a 3.3 V pin to a GND pin.
  • Do not use metal screws to mount the board. This can lead to short circuits. At the very least use plastic washers.
  • Do not power anything from the 3.3 V power rail except of the intended items (camera IMU, 2nd IMU, Spektrum satellite, joystick, IR led).
  • On some boards the motor drivers are not short-circuit protected. It is recommended for new/unknown motors to measure the resistances of the motor phases and to the motor housing before the they are connected to the board.