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This is the "old" STorM32-BGC documentation, for I2C-IMU firmware versions (versions up to v0.96).

Except of the first chapter, the list is supposed to be in alphabetical order.

STorM32-BGC Videos

Feature Videos

Performance Demo Videos

More info here.

More info here and here.

More info here.

More info here.

EagleEi‎ 3axis Videos

For more info see

Here a video without any stabilisation or editing (!!!):

TheBlindHawk's Videos

More info here or here.

Erick's Videos

fpvberlin's Videos

hexakopter's Videos

Maciej's Videos

RCTimer ASP gimbal with STorM32 BGC first handheld test

Yang's Videos

SebastianW's Videos

Rikirisnandar's Videos

Storm32 3axis gimbal DIY flight test on F450 with stabilized video in Final Cut Pro X

Harris Raptis