How to flash NT Modules

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This page is for instruction on how to flash NT modules with a NT firmware.

Updating NT Firmware

If your NT module runs already a NT firmware, this is the canonical procedure for upgrading:

First Time Flashing

If your NT module has not yet been flashed with a NT firmware, or runs a different firmware because e.g. you're modding some piece of hardware to work as NT imu module, then one needs to resort to grass roots flashing methods for flashing the NT firmware (first-time flashing). For details see here:

General Comments on the First-Time Flashing Process

In general the firmware can be flashed in three different ways into the STM32 micro-controllers used in the NT modules (and STorM32 main board):

  1. via the serial (system) bootloader using a USB-TTL adapter
  2. via SWD using a ST-Link programmer
  3. via a preflashed, user-written bootloader using e.g. USB

Not all methods are available for every NT module. All "OlliW" NT modules can be flashed by method (1), the "bigger" ones also by method (2). When a non-NT piece of hardware, such as the CC3D Atom or GY953, is modded the situation becomes very depending on the particular piece of hardware used.

Method (1) is most convenient in the sense that only a USB-TTL adapter is needed as additional hardware, which likely is already available (e.g. for flashing the STorM32 main board). However, the grain of salt, one needs access to the BOOT0 pin, as it needs to be (temporarily) shortened to GND for method (1) to work, but this pin is not always available. This is so for instance for the Mini CC3D Atom.

Method (2) requires a dedicated ST-Link programmer as additional hardware. It is cheaply available, but nevertheless it is an additional piece of hardware. Also, the module must offer access to the SWD pins, which are not available on every board.

Method (3) is of relevance only for the CC3D Atom, especially the Mini CC3D, but it is daunting and should thus be considered only by those who know what to do when reading the respective posts in the NT STorM32 thread at rcgroups.