Willkommen bei OlliW’s Bastelseiten

so, ich habe mich jetzt auch entschlossen eine eigene Seite zu erstellen, um meine Bastelprojekte sowie die im Laufe der Zeit angesammelten Informationen zusammen zu führen.

Meine Projekte kreisen vornehmlich um RC Helikopter und/oder Atmel’s Mikrokontroller, welche ich bisher meistens im RCLine Forum vorgestellt habe. In den zwei Jahren seit mich das Modellbau- und Mikrokontroller-„Fieber“ gepackt hat, hat sich allerdings Einiges angesammelt, und dies möchte ich nun auf diese Seite bringen (mehr zum Warum hier). Es gibt schon so Einiges, aber es wird Schritt für Schritt mehr dazu kommen. Themen die ich aufzuarbeiten habe gibt es nämlich noch genug. Und dann kommen ja auch immer wieder neue Themen dazu…

Und nun, have fun.

OlliW, 21. Feb. 2011

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  1. Dave Mills sagt:

    I have just bought one of your Storm32 Gimbal controller cards (v1.31). But I cannot get the firmware onto it. I have a FTDI232 TTL USB interface card. I’ve installed the drivers for it. But I keep getting an error when trying to connect to the Storm32 card.
    The error states :-
    Connecting… Please wait!
    Read… ABORTED!
    Please do first a read to get controller settings!

    What am I doing wrong?
    I assume I am not even connecting to the Storm32 card……
    I put the card into loader mode by pressing both buttons and then releasing the Rest button. But still no joy.

    I have tried Flashing with it not in loader mode i.e. red and green LEDs flashing. In this state it seems to connect and opens a DoS window. which states:-
    Opening Port [OK]
    Activating Device [KO]
    Error Unrecognised Device.
    Please, reset your device and try again.
    Press any key to continue…

    No matter what I do I cant get it to Flash the Firmware.
    I can confirm the TTL USB it is connected to COM port 3.

    HELP…..!!!! 🙁

  2. LARRY sagt:

    Is it possible storm32 is inverted mode?


  3. LARRY sagt:

    Is there any option storm32 skip gyro calibration at startup option in the alexmos board?
    I wish for quick use.

  4. SEONHO KIM sagt:

    Hi OlliW.

    I’m very interested of your project. How can I do if add-on BLE module?
    Power consumption of smartphone is quite much if the use HC-06(2.0).
    So we will use BLE module to reduce power consumption.
    Is it possible use BLE module to modify the firmware OR modify hardware spec?

    Happy new Year SIr.
    Kind Regards.

  5. Jarno sagt:

    Hi Olli,

    ich habe ein AHRS board worüber ich mit sprechen möchte. Mail mich bitte mal an.

    Grüsse aus Hannover

  6. cosme pinto sagt:

    hi OlliW.

    Who is the wholesaler for the Storm32 controller? thank you.

    • Cosme sagt:

      Hi Olliw,

      We are Camstab-image and we are designing and building new gimbals.
      We would like to hear from you so that we could use your controller in our Gimbals and also sell your boards in our webstore (currently under construction)
      Please let us know, thank you.
      Kind regards, Cosme. Sydney Australia

    • OlliW sagt:

      Hey Cosme
      I’m not involved nor affiliated with any of the sellers of STorM32 boards, so I can’t answer your wholesaler question. The v1.1/v1.2/v1.3 STorM32 boards are open source hardware, under the TAPR licence, which allows commercial use without any restrictions (except of course of copyright things).

  7. Youngchu sagt:

    Hi OlliW.
    I bought a strom32 1.3v Board. However, MPU6050 sensor is broken.

    So I am going to buy a GY-521 sensor.

    I setup the sensors do I? or Just plug it up?

  8. Simon sagt:


    This is Simon from Elite power, we are very intersting on your controller
    we are making many gimbals every month, hope we can work together
    My skype is : simon.tg.wang

    Best regards

  9. Jason Lee sagt:

    Do you controller board and the framework can control ANY BLDC which is designed for gimbal?
    If yes, how could it be done?
    Do the BLDCs have little differences between each other?

  10. Silli sagt:

    Hello OlliW.
    I enjoyed wery much reading of your projects. Great articles.
    Cheers from Finland

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