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UC4H Air/Airspeed Node

The UC4H Air/Airspeed node is a member of the family of UAVCAN nodes I’m working on as part of my … Weiterlesen

3DR Solo: Mod Blog

I had the great luck that some good souls gave me a 3DR Solo as present, and even though when … Weiterlesen

Estimating Propeller Thrust from Motor Data

1. Theory 1.1. Propeller The static thrust generated by the propeller and the mechanical power required to spin the propeller … Weiterlesen

UC4H: UAVCAN for Hobbyists

UC4H boards now available at jDrones … see here 🙂 The UAVCAN for Hobbyists (UC4H) project aims at connecting things … Weiterlesen

IMU Data Fusing: Complementary, Kalman, and Mahony Filter

An inertial measurement unit, or IMU, measures accelerations and rotation rates, and possibly earth’s magnetic field, in order to determine … Weiterlesen