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The Simplest Reasonable Camera Gimbal Model and Control Law

Considering that the STorM32 gimbal controller project is now many years old, this is something I really should have written … Weiterlesen

Brushless Gimbal Motors

Camera gimbals have become widely and cheaply available since Alexmos has shown nearly a decade ago that the cheap brushless … Weiterlesen

STorM32 Raspberry Pi Hat

For many cool projects one needs a combination of a gimbal, a camera, and computing power. The gimbal and camera … Weiterlesen

STorM32 MAVLink Gimbal Protocol: Intro and Overview

The old MAVLink gimbal protocol, which is based on the DO_MOUNT_CONFIGURE and DO_MOUNT_CONTROL commands, has plenty of issues (see here) … Weiterlesen

Camera Gimbals: A Robotics Approach

When I started with the STorM32 gimbal controller project 5 years ago, I had some experience with controllers from my … Weiterlesen

Field Oriented Control: To FOC or not to FOC

Brushless motors have become a commodity also to hobbyists, and with that modern motor drive technologies crept into their field … Weiterlesen

Mini / Micro Gimbal Motors

For GoPro gimbals, or gimbals with cameras in the 70 g range, a huge number of suitable brushless gimbal motors … Weiterlesen

Micro Brushless Gimbal V3.0: A tiny 3-axis 32-bit Gimbal

Having rested on my work bench for half a year now, I took the parts and pieces and finally assembled … Weiterlesen

STorM32 BGC: 3-Axis STM32 Brushless Gimbal Controller

STorM32-NT, getting rid of I2C errors, and other cool advantages … see here 🙂 T-STorM32, encoders for the STorM32 … … Weiterlesen

3-Axis Mikro Brushless Gimbal mit o323BGC

wird noch aufgebaut 🙂 ) In my ongoing work on micro brushless gimbals here my latest advancement: the first fully … Weiterlesen

Mini Brushless Gimbal Controller mBGC

I present here the mini Brushless Gimbal Controller, or mBGC, which consists of an Arduino Pro Mini (or Arduino Nano) … Weiterlesen

Micro Brushless Gimbal

I’ve built a micro brushless gimbal, i.e. a brushless direct-drive gimbal for cameras of the 808 key chain size, which … Weiterlesen

Brushless Gimbal Direct Drive: Theory and Experiment

I too got excited about the recent development of the brushless direct drive gimbals, pioneered by AlexMos. So far, all … Weiterlesen