3-Axis Mikro Brushless Gimbal mit o323BGC

wird noch aufgebaut 🙂


In my ongoing work on micro brushless gimbals here my latest advancement: the first fully functional 3-axis micro gimbal.

The mechanics build on what I used before for the 2-axis micro gimbal, with some improvements on the motor and camera holders, and further improvements are in the making. The electronics is now based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor, the STM32F103. The firmware is self-written, I called it o323BGC.

So far it’s obviously a demonstration… for a real flight I have to shrink down the electronics. (you may know that lately hongkong post makes big troubles… everything seems to got stuck for indefenite… and so are my print boards :-()

And it’s obvioulsy good to have kids playing fischer technik 🙂

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  1. Jeff sagt:

    Hello guys,

    I really need to this micro gimbal. but please let me know where can i buy the all parts for micro gimbal. if i can do it. or how much for sale price?

  2. peer sagt:

    hallo, wird dein 3-Axis Mikro Brushless Gimbal mit o323BGC schon gebaut? oder in ähnlicher Form? Ich suche einen für eine mobius actioncam auf einem blade 350 qx.
    Danke für Deine Rückantwort!

  3. florian sagt:

    Great project with great result…What about the total cost?
    I think that if you ever consider selling these there would be many interested persons, including myself.

    • OlliW sagt:

      Hey Florian, maybe also Craig
      well, without electronics (just gimbal) the costs are not that high, three motors + some cheap hobbystore stuff… I’d say 40$. BUT: the time I e.g. need to build one makes it kind of priceless, especially in a world where everyone – rightly – expects Chinese price levels
      second, I myself am not fond of selling anything… since I’m not into this it would be a huge effort to get something going; also, I have a job
      so, the only way would be that someone else jumps onto it and makes the efforts to build and sell it… I would gladly help and provide whatever I might have as knowledge
      Cheers, Olli

  4. Craig Patchett sagt:

    I love this project! If at any point you want to sell off one of your prototypes, please let me know!

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